The man found a pregnant cat and took her home․ Now her kittens have an unusual dad

This story began with the fact that a resident of one of the American cities noticed a pregnant cat on the street. The animal was homeless. But so sweet that the man immediately took a liking to him and decided to help. So the cat was in her new home. The color of the animal was inexpressive, it seemed that the cat’s coat was dirty, so the new owner gave her the appropriate name Earth. A couple of weeks passed, and the Earth became the mother of seven adorable babies.

In addition to the Earth, the man had other pets, in particular, a couple of dogs. One of the dogs reacted very unusually to the appearance of kittens, the dog decided that he was their dad.

The dog decided to help the cat and looks after the kids when their mother needs a rest. Also, the dog plays with the kids with pleasure, allows them to crawl on their own, and also put the kittens in order, carefully washing them several times a day.

When the kittens, having played, scatter all over the house, the dog collects them and carries them to the couch, closer to their mother. The dog carefully watches that the kittens are always in the field of view of the Earth, but sometimes he brings the kittens to the owner, with a look demanding that the man play with them.

The Earth does not object to such attention from the dog to her babies, she is grateful to the dog for his help, because he gives her time to take a break from the hassle of motherhood.

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