The man never liked cats, but the girl’s tearful request changed everything

Mark was visiting his friend, the daughter of the owners of the house told him about an unpleasant picture, which she witnessed this morning. The little girl saw two small kittens attacked by dogs on the beach. The cruel scene shocked the girl, she cried and asked the adults to find the kittens and help them. Even while retelling this story to Mark, the girl cried, which made a strong impression on the man. Mark tried to calm the child, but the tears dried up only after he promised that he would go in search of kittens.

Mark ended up on the beach after sunset, without much hope of finding animals. After a little searching, Mark heard a meow. Following in the direction of the sound, the man found the kitten. The baby was so tiny that it fit in the palm of a man without any problems. Mark spent an hour looking for the baby’s mother, but she was nowhere to be found, so he took the kitten and left.

Calling his friend’s daughter and saying that he found a kitten, Mark went to his friend, who was the mistress of several cats. The woman gave advice on the care and nutrition of the cat, because Mark had never kept pets before and did not understand at all what he needed to do.

Mark did not plan to keep the cat, but she immediately won the heart of the man, in addition, he really liked taking care of the baby. The man named the cat Nala, he was fascinated by her and could not even imagine how he could give her to other people. With each passing day, the friendship between Mark and her pet grew stronger.

Mark bought almost the entire pet store for Nala, choosing inexpensive food, a tray, and bowls for Nala. Together they also went to the veterinarian, where the cat received the necessary vaccinations. In just a few days, Mark has become so attached to the animal that he cannot live without him for a minute.

Nala has grown up, but she is still the same playful and affectionate, she loves her master very much and tries to spend every minute with him. So, thanks to the little girl Mark, who used to be indifferent to animals, became an avid cat lover.

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