The man returned home and found a cat in the chair, but he never had a pet

The rush does not allow us to concentrate and we often make mistakes when we try to do everything very quickly. Living in San Diego, Nigel did not hear the alarm, so he had almost no time left to get ready for work. The man was in a hurry, so leaving his house, he did not close one of the windows.

When Nigel returned from work, all his things were in place, although he noticed something new in the house a cat was sitting in an armchair in the living room. The animal looked at the man with surprise, but at the same time didn’t budge, but only began to meow plaintively. Nigel looked at the cat in surprise and could not understand where he came from in the house, only a little later he noticed an open window.

The man immediately went to the store and bought food for the animal. The cat was hungry, so he immediately proceeded to the dinner offered to him. Nigel, meanwhile, called all the neighbors, but no one recognized the kitten either.

The cat spent the night at Nigel’s house, and in the morning the man took him to the vet. The doctor did not find a chip on the kitten, which means that he had no owners before. The baby was vaccinated and allowed to go home. At that moment, Nigel realized that he now had a cat.

The kitten was named Gato and quickly learned his new home. Often Nigel calls his pet Buddy, which means friend. The kitten turned out to be extremely friendly and most of all likes to spend time in the arms of his owner. Sometimes Gato is very active, demolishing everything in his path, but Nigel forgives him for such antics.

The man is glad that out of all the houses in the area, the kitten chose him: “He chose his house himself and appointed me as his owner, and this turned out to be a great decision for the two of us.”

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