The man warmed the frozen cat at home

This story happened to a man named Pete McNab, his son Alistair and a friend Peter. They were walking in Cairngorm Park and came across a kitten lying in the snow.

Peter put it under his jacket and carried it home. On the spot, they fed and warmed the cat and took it to the veterinarian. The veterinarian determined the severe degree of frostbite, but the most unusual thing was that it was an extremely rare individual of the Scottish Forest cat.

The men were shocked by what they heard, and Peter finally realized why the cat scratched so much under the jacket, cats scratch not so painfully. These cats are on the verge of extinction and only 300 individuals remain in nature.

It was dangerous to leave him at home, and his friends began to look for a place where he could be attached. However, unfortunately, after a couple of days he was gone, as the baby was gone a few days later due to severe frostbite.

And it still remains in question how this rare baby ended up on the street in the park.

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