The mother allowed her son to choose any pet from the shelter.

Recently, a boy in Exploit Valley, Canada was told that he could choose any animal he would like to take home from a shelter. The little baby was faced with a choice: a puppy or a cat. The boy’s choice soon surprised many users.

Easton went to the shelter with his mother to choose a new pet. But what was it like when he chose a giant, orange, elderly cat?

When Easton entered the shelter with his mother, he immediately fell in love with the huge, aging ginger cat. The boy chose it. This was the very moment when Tiny officially found a new family.

When Easton, his mother and Tiny returned home, the cat was released from his cage, and he immediately began to cuddle and get to know his new owner. It was clear that he was incredibly grateful.

Despite the fact that the shelter described the big ginger cat as «shy» in a Facebook post, it turns out that’s not the case at all. Easton and the ginger cat looked like old friends who had known each other all their lives.

Obviously, the cat is of an impressive size and in Easton Tiny’s hands it looked like a big live teddy bear.

We wish and hope that every shelter cat will find a loving family and a new home soon.

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