The mother cat dropped the kitten when she was running away and the baby got stuck in the wall

A pregnant cat was walking around in the attic and was about to give birth and was looking for a comfortable place for herself. When the kittens were born, repairs were started in the house and the young mother rushed to look for a quieter haven for her cubs.

She had already started dragging the kittens one at a time and accidentally dropped one over the drywall. She couldn’t get it and therefore had to run away, because the rest of the cubs were waiting for her.

The baby squealed with all his might. The owner of the house heard this and contacted the shelter staff. The specialists went to the address and met them together with the owners of a domestic pit bull named Blue.

Volunteers were forced to drill a small hole in the wall to save the baby who got scared and didn’t stop squeaking. The hostess fed him water to restore his strength and wrapped him in a warm blanket.

The pit bull immediately became attached to this baby. Fluffy was taken to an orphanage, named Walter, and well fed, bathed and given a golden ball to play with, which he liked very much.

Now the cat has been handed over for overexposure and soon he will find permanent caring owners. We hope this little one will be lucky as soon as possible, because a nice gray baby is able to give so much love and tenderness.

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