The neurologist advised parents to take Chow Chow for the health problems of their child.A miracle happened

In a family, there is a boy who was born seven months old and was born without signs of life. He was saved, but as a result, a lot of health problems appeared – half of his body was paralyzed.

Parents went through seven circles of hell in the doctors’ offices together with the baby in the first 3 months of his life. But they didn’t see results.
Then one neurologist told them to get a Chow Chow or Labrador dog. A friend tried to object, saying three children, one of them is sick, where else is the dog? But the doctor said that this was not advice, but an order.

They bought a Chow Chow, a 3-month-old girl. The older girls had happiness up to their ears, but the dog did not pay attention to them, but crawled up to the boy and gnawed him!

Parents were shocked, but it is strange that the dog gnawed only on the paralyzed side, they decided not to forbid it.

After the massages given by the dog, a miracle happened. A month later the baby reached out with BOTH handles to the dog. Later, the dog began to turn over the baby, as if her puppy.

Now the boy is over a year old and he moves and walks perfectly. The doctors are shocked.

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