The noble lion hugged his cub. Charming picture from the famous cartoon in real life

At the time the cartoon «The Lion King» won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world and continues to be a cult. And the touching relationship of the lion king Mufasa with his cub Simba made many cry.

Can you imagine such a shot in real life, in the wild? This is quite possible and the right, professional photographer who knows how to capture the moment, which, in fact, is the talent of the photographer.

The photos show a magnificent lion watching its territory while one of its cubs, certainly the most playful, asks for a big hug.

According to the photographer, this tender moment was captured when she was taking some photos for a children’s book. And what a charming moment she managed to capture.

“The lion pretended until the very late that he hadn’t noticed his cubs. Then they began to run cheerfully in circles. It looked especially charming when the lion-father tremblingly hugged his cub.

It contrasted so much between his brutal strength and softness, the giant paw hugged the little cub very gently ”shared the photographer.

“Especially won my heart how gently this big creature has fun with his cubs. They really looked like they were having fun. It was a moment of pure delight.”

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