The old cat loves his sweater so much that he cries every night when they take it off

Cat Steve is a real long-liver. He was 18 years old, which is very, very old by cat standards. Moreover, the hostess took him already at a fairly respectable, 12-year-old age. They were going to give Steve to a younger sister, but he fell in love with the older one and stayed with her. Since then, they have been inseparable.

However, Steve is known not only for his venerable age, but also for his interesting attachments and excessive emotionality. And the fact is that every time the cat literally starts to cry when they take off his favorite knitted sweater.

He was given this sweater when he was about to move, the owner was worried that the cat might get cold in the luggage and decided to buy him this warm clothes. The cat really liked this new thing and he loved to walk in it, and now he starts to make a fuss when they try to take it off.

And the cat is extremely attached to his mistress and he feels very bad even when she leaves for a very short time. When she went on a business trip, the veterinarians even prescribed him a course of sedatives. But when the hostess is around, Steve turns into a very capricious prankster.

He walks pretty around the apartment, eats plants in pots, rolls out of bed with a strong crash, tastes deodorant and cosmetics and he really likes it.

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