The old-dog waited for help in a canal from which he couldn’t get out

The little dog, named Lyovochka, was found outside the city limits. The animal was lying in a ditch and he could not manage to get out of it on his own. As it turned out, the baby had serious problems with the paws. It is not known how long Leva spent in the ditch, but he would have remained there if Yulia had not found out about him. The girl immediately went to the place to help.

According to Yulia, she did not even immediately realize that it was a dog in front of her. Lyova was covered in mud, his hair was matted into tangles. The animal was thin and weak, it looked around with a sad look that betrayed its defenselessness.

Julia pulled the baby out of the canal and took him to the vet. The clinic found out that the dog is about 10 years old, he does not hear well, he is exhausted, but the worst thing is that he cannot walk. The girl understood that in such a state Leva could not survive on the hive, so she took him to her and began treatment, with which a group of animal rights activists helped her.

Levochka was surprised by such attention and care from the girl, but very soon he stopped waiting for a dirty trick and began to reciprocate Yulia. Sands turned out to be affectionate and friendly, he found a common language not only with Yulia, but also with her cats and shepherd dogs.

Numerous pets of the girl took Levochka under their care and thanks to such care, he began to recover. Soon the dog was already rising to its feet and walking. While Leva moves slowly, and the thresholds in the house are an insurmountable obstacle for him, but most importantly, he returns to life again.

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