The orangutan decided that the man was drowning in the river and extended his hand to help

Recently amateur-photographer Anil Prabhakar took some amazing pictures and video while being in a protected forest area on Boneo. While walking the man noticed a forester who was cleaning the river from snakes that are deadly for orangutans. He learned that a snake lives in the reservoir.So he went there to clear the bushes.

At the same time, there was an orangutan on the river bank, which watching the man even came closer. For a while the animal just looked at what was happening.And then decided that the man needed help. The orangutan approached the forester and extended his hand to help him get out of the river. Maybe he thought that the person was in danger and could drown?

The forester didn’t take the orangutan by the hand, so as not to come into contact with a wild animal and not accustom him to human society. After all it is the duty of the people to protect the forest habitants.

The forester whom a sympathetic orangutan held out his hand, participates in a charity project of the non-profit organization Orangutan Survival Foundation in Borneo. He and 400 other employees help protect the animal’s habitat.

In the rainforests live more than 160 species of snakes.And some of which pose a threat to the life of orangutans. Foundation employees clean up rivers to keep animals safe from danger. In addition, people use rubber snakes to help orphaned and inexperienced orangutans understand which species are dangerous.

A person must certainly take care of our smaller brothers.

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