The owner asked to put their fat cat that looks like a ball to sleep but the veterinarian adopted her

Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to take responsibility if the animal gets sick.

Today we will share with you one amazing story, how the owner asked to put down a fat cat that looks like a ball, but the veterinarian found another way out.

One of the breeders approached Marie’s veterinarian with a request to euthanize the kitten. The pet developed strangely, and instead of growing, like all kittens, it became more and more rounded. It is unlikely that anyone would agree to take this home.

But Marie, having examined the fluffy, nevertheless discovered the true problem, according to which the cat grew in breadth. She turned out to have scoliosis. The veterinarian took the animal and decided to give the cat to her grandparents.

Elderly people have long dreamed of a pet, but advanced age did not allow this.

They would not be able to keep an eye on an active little kitten, but Pito, as the cat was named in the new family, became a great companion. Due to illness, she moves slowly, does not jump on a hill and does not play naughty.

In addition, Marie can always come to the rescue if Pito has any health problems. Now the life of the special cat is followed by thousands of followers on Instagram, where Marie created an account in order to convey an important message to everyone: animals with special needs should be given a second chance.

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