The owner decided to abandon the dog, tying it to the old furniture of a dirty house

The heroine of our story is a nine-year-old dog named Red. She lives in Florida and is currently looking for a home. Until recently, she had both a roof over her head and an owner, but it all ended with the fact that the pet was found tied to the seat of a broken sofa.

A very sad story that happened not only to Red, but also to the owner, shocked the public. Todd Nordmann, with whom the dog lived for a long nine years, was homeless last year. The houselorder with whom the man lived, suddenly died and his relative took the property as his heir. Todd has been homeless since February 2019 and has fallen into despair.

Soon the pet’s owner disappeared, and for some reason he left the dog in an abandoned house chained him to a dirty seat. At the time Red was found, she was in a terrible state. He was covered in fleas and vermin and the house was infested with rats and insects. How many days the hungry dog lived in such conditions, one can only guess, but Red was saved and this is the most important thing.

The poor fellow was taken to a veterinary clinic and then to a shelter. After she was treated, the “girl” was taken away for overexposure. Now Red is actively looking for a home and there is hope that she will soon be in good hands.

And what about the unlucky Todd he was quickly found. It turned out that it was he who left the pet in a dirty room, for which he received punishment. The man will have to spend three months in prison. In addition, he was banned from having a dog for five years.

Well, I would like to wish Red to find a house where her owners will love her and Todd to repent of his deed and understand how cruelly he acted with his pet!

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