The owner of the farm decided to drive away the cat and kittens that found shelter here

Kelly decided to visit Liz, her mother-in-law. The women sat down to drink tea and chat, during the conversation, Liz told her sister-in-law the story of the cat and her babies, which was on the lips of all the locals. The cat wandered for a long time, but then she was taken in by a local farmer.

After living a little with the farmer, the cat gave birth to kittens. The man did not want to deal with a large cat family at all, so he decided to expel both his mother and her babies. Liz persuaded the man to wait a bit and started looking for a home for the cats, but no one wanted to take them.

Kelly wanted to help the animals, and together with Liz, they took their mother and babies. Having brought the animals to her house, Liz began calling shelters, but none of them could find a place for such a large family. Kelly’s friends and acquaintances also could not help. The woman realized that for some time she would have to take care of the cat and kittens on her own.

Kelly built babies in the room of her son, who had long lived separately. The kittens mastered it very quickly, but for a cat-mother, life in the house was unusual for a long time, but after a while she got used to the new conditions and to her temporary mistress.

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