The owner of the “tiniest dog” is ready to do everything to protect his pet

Hope was born in the French province of Canada, Quebec. Her weight was about 60 grams, and when the veterinarians informed Rodney, the dog’s owner, that the crumbs were diagnosed with dwarfism and were unlikely to last more than a few days, the man was very upset.

But Hope turned out to be incredibly strong and, contrary to all forecasts, began to live to the delight of her master. She even grew up a little and lives a completely fulfilling life.

A year later, Hope began to weigh 310 grams, and when she grows up, her weight can reach half a kilogram. Rodney, the owner of the dog, opened an Instagram page for her, in which he shares the details of her life, the daily routine, which helps to keep the dog’s fragile health.

She is very playful. The owner specially purchased an enclosure for her, in which she safely plays a small jingling ball. Despite its very small size, the dog is full of energy, interested in many things and lives no worse than all other dogs.

And we are grateful to the owner for such a reverent attitude towards his baby and the fact that he began to fight for this tiny life so desperately and persistently.

And on this example, you can be sure that any dog has the right to life and happiness, and the diagnosis of veterinarians is far from a sentence.

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