The owner started yelling for the dog to stop, but he had already dragged the street cat on his back

On this day, the weather was very damp, dank and not at all suitable for walking the dog. However, since he took responsibility for the animal, then there is nowhere to go, it is necessary to carry out the duties.

And just like that, a girl named Arina, with great reluctance, put on shoes in the hallway. Her pet Cody had already sensed that a walk was ahead and with a happy muzzle was sitting at the door, hurrying Arina.

And as soon as they left the entrance, Cody started running as fast as he could. He happily jumped up, scattering splashes from puddles, and this did not bring much joy to Arina, as she realized what kind of red-haired dog she would wash.

While Cody was enjoying the fresh air, Arina called a friend who would dispel her heavy thoughts. And then, from behind the tree, the face of a very tiny kitten appeared, which was frightened and shivering from the cold.

When the fluffy noticed the active dog, he immediately ran to him, and Cody himself was even dumbstruck by such courage. He began to wag his tail and show his place.

But Arina was in her thoughts and did not pay attention to what was happening. And then I saw the time and realized that it was time to go back. He called to the pet and noticed that a gray cat was running after him with a tail.

She drove him away, but he didn’t even want to listen and notice the girl, and when they called her, she forgot about the kitten. And then the cat noticed a very large puddle, almost like a river, and jumped onto the dog’s back. For Cody, such a display of impudence was unexpected, but he left the cat on his back.

Seeing such a picture, Arina was dumbstruck, and her pet ran into the porch with a cat, as if that’s how it was supposed to be. The girl’s mother also did not expect such a guest, but they could not leave the baby outside in such a cold.

They fed the newly-made friends and washed them well, and the cat remained to live in this family.

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