The owners decided to abandon the almost blind old dog but..

Mukhtar is a large German sheepdog has long served as a reliable guard for its owners, the owners of an industrial facility.

He was large, barked loudly and hardly any stranger would dare to climb into the territory guarded by the dog. In gratitude, he was fed qualitatively, created comfortable conditions, cared for and appreciated.

Mukhtar was executive, obeying the commands of the hosts and never failed. However, over time, the dog became old, his eyesight deteriorated and guarded not so effectively.

The owners immediately considered that they no longer needed such an old dog and, without a twinge of conscience, took him to the forest and simply left him there, old and almost blind.

Fortunately, the watchman soon found the dog and took it to him. Mukhtar was very stressed and didn’t trust Grigory however over time he realized that he only wanted the best.

The watchman fed him well, made a strong booth, and Mukhtar, as a token of gratitude, affectionately clung to him and gave him a paw.

Despite his weak eyesight, the dog was able to navigate and Grigory realized that with special training, regardless of age, he could serve as a guard.

Mukhtar even managed with another sheepdog at the base, Eva who had a very quarrelsome temper. A new stage of his life began, full of love, care and joy.

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