The pensioner saved the life of the cubs and now they refuse to leave him

Patsy Gibbson was able to save the lives of two orphaned fox cubs, and now the red animals are following the elderly man.

The pensioner discovered the cubs at a very young age. The mother fox passed away and Gibbson realized that they could not survive on their own and replaced their parents by feeding and leaving them.

Patsy was sure that as soon as the cubs were older and stronger, he would be able to release them to live in the wild. However, the animals did not want this; they were fine with a caring owner.

They live with Mr. Gibbson and do not want to run away at all, although no one tries to keep them.

The whole neighborhood is very fond of watching an unusual family, and Patsy has already learned everything about how to keep cubs out of their natural environment. But he does not stop there and continues to study, constantly learning something new about his red-haired friends.

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