The pensioner was paid half a million for a phenomenal cat, but was refused. He doesn’t sell friends.

Thanks to the efforts of his owner, the cat named Leva learned to perform different commands and sports tricks. The cat is distinguished by great ingenuity and high intelligence.

Leva is originally from Mongolia and the mistress drowned all his brothers and sisters, and left this cat due to its peculiar appearance.

At the same time, his mother grabbed him and ran away from the house of a cruel woman. She wandered for a long time and came across a military base. It was there that she saw Pyotr Petrovich. He did military service there, and after its completion he took the cub to his native Kaliningrad.

The kitten and the owner were very attached to each other and the former officer was able to train him in such a way that he became famous throughout the city and many admired him.

Before his death, the wife of Pyotr Petrovich asked to make a collar for Leva out of her beads, and the officer could not help fulfilling the last will of his beloved.

The smartest cat soon became known throughout Kaliningrad and Petr Petrovich was offered almost 500 thousand, and someone even a foreign car, but the pensioner refused, because the cat was like his own child for him, so he did not even plan to sell it.

An elderly man from a generation of people for whom there are values other than money. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people can be distinguished by such nobility and are able to appreciate not only material goods.

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