The picture went viral on the Internet.Gorillas learned to pose for the camera

On the Internet, photos of a guy with gorillas who behave like ordinary people in front of the camera have become very popular. In the photo below, you can see how straight they stand and look at the camera.

This means that these cute creatures understand absolutely everything and perceive today’s technology as something normal. So why did this happen, and what is the story behind this picture?

Here is a handsome young man, a ranger whose name is Mathieu Chamavu. He works in the Virunga Park of the Republic of the Congo.

This park is quite popular. A large number of gorillas, elephants, waterbucks and many other animals live there, but why are these gorillas different from them?

Mathieu Chamavu is almost the parent of these gorillas, when they were still babies, he saved them from death, but could not save their parents, who were killed by poachers.

Now for them, it is native, but according to the director of the park Innocenta Mburanumwe “This is a case of one in a million” when a gorilla can perceive a person as a member of the family.

Did you like this story? Would you dare to work in the park surrounded by gorillas?

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