The puppy became a friend and a guide for a blind dog

Dog Charlie is 11 years old and by dog standards he is already old.And when he developed glaucoma a few years ago, he had to have both eyes removed.

Charlie gradually adapted to the «dark» lifestyle, but became much less mobile and less playful.

Recently, however, Charlie has become very lively, because he doesn’t have only a new friend, but also a guide.

Charlie’s owners Chelsea Steve and her husband recently brought home a puppy named Maverick, the same breed as Charlie. The two dogs quickly became friends, and the puppy’s inexhaustible enthusiasm and activity «infected» Charlie too.

«Charlie has definitely become more lively since Maverick’s arrival. Usually when we buy him toys, he doesn’t play much with them, but with Maverick they are now constantly playing with each other,» says Chelsea.

Maverick is only a few months old, but he already understands that his older friend has some limitations and he helps him overcome them.

Maverick also loves to sleep with Charlie in his arms, and more often he just sits next to him. He seems to understand that it is very important for an old dog to feel that he is not alone.

«It’s amazing. They made so good friends. Charlie is already old and we thought that he would most likely leave us soon. But with the arrival of Maverick, he seemed to turn on his vital energy again.»

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