The puppy bravely guarded the wounded sister lying in the middle of the road

Quiet dogs in captivity were reported a few months ago. The caller said that the puppies are just in the middle of the road on the median strip. People tried to remove the puppies from the dangerous area, but one of them behaved aggressively, so it was decided to call a capture.

The puppies were lucky, because on the road they lay down in the area of humane catching, the staff of which immediately rushed to the place. As people approached the puppies, they understood the reason for the aggressive behavior of one of the puppies. The girl was hurt, and badly, because she could not even stand up. The boy was also wounded, but at the same time he walked around the girl, trying to help her up. Obviously, in order to protect his sister, he expressed aggression.

And this time the baby reacted negatively to the appearance of people, starting to growl and bark, trying to protect his sister. The kid did his best to keep people at a distance, but the traps were able to appease him and, using a trick, still took the dogs out of the way.

Both kids needed treatment, long and difficult. The boy stayed in the clinic a little longer, but the girl, who was given the name Biba, soon returned to capture, where we met her. Biba had not yet begun to walk, was frightened by what was happening and tried to sit as unobtrusively as possible, hiding in the farthest corner of the cage.

Soon Biba and her brother, who was named Boba, recovered and we started looking for a home for them. Bob very soon went to live with a new family in Moscow, Biba remained in captivity, worrying both because of the separation from her brother and because no one needed her.

Biba is small, with a beautiful smooth coat. She is very affectionate and calm, we think that one of her parents was a dachshund, so she has funny floppy ears and short legs.

The girl is very smart, but besides intelligence, her eyes also reflect great sadness, because she was left all alone.

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