The rabbit got offspring right at the kindergarten

The mother rabbit immediately took care of her children and decided to give birth to them on the territory of the kindergarten. She dug a hole and got babies. Experts noticed the mother-heroine and moved to wild places away from curious children.

In Novo-Peredelkino, kindergarteners noticed a hole in which a rabbit ended up with his babies.They had to call the vets.

Veterinarians together with volunteers gathered the babies and the mother into a carrier. All were healthy and ready to move.

The kids, together with their mother, were moved to the forest, away from people. They even dug a small hole for them so that the kids had somewhere to hide.

The mother protected the children from people, but everything worked out. Now the family lives in a forest zone and the children of the kindergarten know that wild animals have a place in the forest.

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