The red cat really wants to find a home and therefore waves its paw to every visitor to the shelter

This red cat has a very sociable character and constantly waves its paw at every person who visits the shelter. The cat’s name is Malham and he ended up in the shelter for the second time.

He was first brought to the orphanage last summer. The owner simply abandoned him, but then they managed to find new owners for Malham, who also soon abandoned him, arguing that the cat needed too much attention. Absurd isn’t it?

Malham is distinguished by excessive activity and his energy can only be envied. He loves to play, very positive, and the character, as befits a cat, is capricious.

So that Malham doesn’t get bored in the shelter, the shelter staff gave him a large number of toys, as this cat does not like to be bored. He has a whole box of various toys with which he enjoys having fun and brightens up his days at the shelter.

And when someone passes by his glass door, he puts all his charm into play and starts waving his paw, as if inviting him to play together. He loves to interact with people and is very drawn to them.

Now the shelter staff is doing everything to find permanent, caring owners for this cute cat. He certainly deserved it.

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