The red cat wasn’t any hope left and he turned to strangers for help

A red cat appeared at the threshold of one of the private houses, which, it seems, was not going anywhere. This caused surprise among the owners, however, when they approached the mustachioed, they immediately understood the reasons for his behavior.

His front paws were severely injured and the cat could not walk normally. He was sick and scared and the owners of the house took him to the animal protection center.

The veterinarian diagnosed that the poor man experienced severe pain with every step. After passing all the tests, the veterinarians made an accurate diagnosis.

It was a rare disease, the consequence of which was softening and swelling of the pads of the paws, and then the appearance of sores on them, which rub and hurt a lot.

The cat needed treatment, daily antibiotics and dressings, and the cat endured all this very steadfastly.

In just a couple of weeks, he was healthy and the volunteers began to look for caring owners for him. Two months later, a mistress was found for him, with whom he lives happily in comfortable conditions.

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