The rescued kitten turned out to be a completely different animal, but it did not turn out immediately

Recently, the rescue service, located in Shropshire, England, received a call that caused a noise. They called from a local cat shelter — a kitten got there, which, as it turned out later, turned out to be a completely different animal.

“We were sure we had saved the cat!” — said on the other end of the wire. But it was not a kitten at all, but a little fox, however, it did not turn out right away.

Usually foxes are born in February and March. Their shriveled faces and fluffy fur give them an amazing resemblance to kittens, so it’s no wonder that the shelter staff confused the foundling with the cat.

The animals are really quite unlike foxes until they grow up. Sometimes people are looking for animals on the street while they are small and raise them at home, and only then they realize that they are not kittens.



Foxes often move their babies to safety if they think the babies are in danger. Caring mothers drag their cubs one afteer another, but, unfortunately, one of the animals can get lost. This can happen if the animal is frightened of something. Most likely, our little hero is also lost.

The cat shelter handed over the cub to rescuers. The baby had a scratched nose, but otherwise the animal was completely healthy.

The fox cub is fed milk three times every hour until midnight, and then feeding begins at six in the morning. Now the baby eats from a bottle, and soon he will begin to eat on his own.

The most important thing is that the baby quickly recover and gain strength. After that, the rescuers will send the animal into the wild!

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