The scared cat slowly grew bolder and expresses gratitude to the cyclist who saved his life

Vitorio Fonesca lives in Brazil and is fond of cycling, and it was he who shared this sweetest story, which, by his own admission, he will remember for a lifetime.

And the video editors add that, to their great joy, it has also been preserved a recording of this touching and, at the same time, extremely funny incident .

On this day, he had a training run for a long distance, and now, on the road, at the very rush hour, when there are a lot of people and vehicles, he came across a kitten who was standing alone and looked completely distracted.

He could not calmly continue the road and therefore quickly took the crumb, putting it in his bosom. And then his reaction was just amazing.On the way back, which was more than ten kilometers, the fluffy already completely trusted Vitorio, he sat quietly and didn’t even try to run away.

On the contrary, he adapted so quickly that he wanted to thank the young man in his own cat way. He stuck out his muzzle and began to lick his neck and chin.

And what happened next? You, of course, want to know what happened to the little foundling? The guy could not leave the kitten at home, as he was often absent and could not take care of him properly, but he found him very decent owners. So, with a grateful fluffy, everything is very good now.

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