The shark made friends with the diver and at each meeting climbs to cuddle

Meet Rick Anderson. A professional diver from Australia has made friends with a bull shark and assures that with every dive she swims up to him and climbs with hugs.

Rick says that the shark swims up and asks to play seven years ago, when it was still a very small cub no larger than 15 cm in size.

He approached carefully so that the animal would not be frightened and stroked her lightly. Over time, the shark began to become attached to the young man and loved it very much when he rocked her in his arms and whispered something through the regulator.

Rick has been diving for about 20 years and also teaches at a diving school. He said that even after the season, the shark still recognizes him and quickly swims up to hug and swing in his arms.

She is so used to Rick that she swims up and starts tapping her legs until she gets her share of hugs.

Most of his colleagues can’t believe what they see. The man says that he does not feed his pet and the rest of the sharks, too, but loves to play with them and generally treats them like pets.


He assures that people who believe that sharks are devoid of intelligence are extremely mistaken, as are speculations about their extreme aggressiveness and desire to eat a person.

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