The shelter organized a party for the dog, but the guests didn’t come to it

Luke a homeless dog from the USA has been living in a shelter for over 7 months. And the shelter staff assures that if the pets usually find new owners during the month, then for some reason this wonderful dog is unlucky with potential owners.

The volunteers came up with the idea to organize a party for him on Valentine’s Day and somehow help him in finding a permanent home.

They dressed Luke in festive clothes, decorated everything around and really expected that people would be inspired by this and want to give a house to this wonderful dog. However, the plan turned out to be a failure and there wasn’t a single guest at the party.

According to Michelle a shelter worker Luke is large but incredibly cute and loves to cuddle and play with his favorite soft toy. Of course, he has his own characteristics, but he still deserves love and care, and we really hope that someday he will have it.

Moreover, the dog is not just a mongrel, but a real tiger boxer.

They are distinguished by a strong sense of smell, fidelity and high intelligence.

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