The shelter thought that a dog of a “dangerous” breed would have to be tinkered with, but..

People who are dominated by stereotypes about dog breeds will never have a Staffordshire Terrier in the house. Animals are considered aggressive and angry, although in fact this isn’t true.

However, shelter staff are aware that it will be very difficult for them to adopt a representative of this particular breed.

But in our history today, the system has failed. Stafford, nicknamed Sibyl, also ended up in a shelter, but she was adopted just a couple of days after her arrival. And the reason was the charming smile of the dog. Well, it would never have occurred to anyone that a pet that looks so friendly can be aggressive.

At first, Sibyl won the hearts of all the employees of the orphanage. And when she was photographed and posted on social networks, something simply incredible began. Dozens of people wanted to take home the charming Sibyl.

She was adopted by a girl named Frankie. She says that the moment she saw the dog’s charming smile, she realized that she would definitely take her home. Upon contacting the shelter, Frankie was happy to learn that the pet was still available for adoption.

When the girl and her family came to meet the Sibyl, she was very excited. She definitely liked her future owners.

On the way to his new home, the dog was extremely pleased.She jumped into the car and quietly sat on the seat, as if realizing that now this is her family and the car is also hers. And that she will ride it more than once.

In the house, the pet also got used to surprisingly quickly. She behaved so quietly and calmly, as if she had lived here all her life. And Frankie’s neighbors didn’t even know that the girl had a dog until she introduced them. By the way, people were extremely surprised to learn that the Staffordshire Terrier can be so sweet and friendly.

This adorable dog deserves to finally be happy. Good luck in your new home, baby!

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