The stray cat charmed the family so much that they adopted him and his friend

The kitten was picked up in the yard and he managed to charm the family that adopted him so much that they had to adopt his best friend as well.

The baby was only four weeks old and the residents heard him scream in the yard, and then found him hungry, covered in mud and thirsty. The cat was sent to the Society for the Protection of Animals.

Volunteers shared that they did not know how the cat ended up there, but he was fed at the shelter and had a good bath a couple of times. The kitten was named Mu-mu and he needed overexposure, but he ended up in the family of a woman named Alyss. As soon as they saw him at the shelter, the cat pulled his paws out of the carrier towards them and it won their hearts.

When they already took Mu-mu and were going home, they saw another kitten, the same age as Mu-mu. Since this season the shelter was overflowing with kittens who needed a home, love and care, they decided to take him too.

They named the second cat Boo Boo. Mu-mu was very emaciated, and the damage to the hind leg limited his movements. But good food, medicine, love and care paid off — the cat gained strength and gradually moved with a wounded paw.

He has grown a big belly and doesn’t stop there. According to Alyss, he loves to eat. He is very outgoing and bold, unlike Boo Boo, who has a more timid disposition. Now friends are inseparable , they eat, play and sleep together.

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