The sweet and cute squirrel saved from hurricane can’t sleep without her own mini teddy bear

Meet the sweetest squirrel rescued from a Hurricane in Louisiana in August.

The squirrel was just seven weeks old. His story is not a positive one but in the end everything fell into its right places.

When all of a sudden the typhoon hit, Jill fell down of her nest to the ground.

Fortunately, a young family saved her life and brought her home.

At first the family brought up her and they didn’t plan to keep the animal.

Jill was so glad about her new family and she was maybe the happiest person on earth.

It has been seven years since the animal is in her new family and is quite happy being there.

While living in her new home she became a celebrity.

She is known all over the world and her Instagram account named The Girl Is a squirrel has more than 690k followers.Her Instagram page is worth visiting and following.

The squirrel is really blessed to have such a kind of lovely family.

In her Instagram account she tells people about her.She is a vegetarian and adores every Starbucks napkin she meets.

What’s the most interesting is that she also adores hugs and kisses.

Whenever the bedtime approaches, she insists on hugging with her own miniature teddy bear.

We hope Jill made your day brighter.

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