The teacher quit her job to search for missing animals

Remember Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura character? His activity was to find pets. Now we will tell you a story about a woman who took over the functions of an on-screen character and actively uses it in real life.


Lisa Dean was a teacher in England until 2016. She had a stable job, but she decided to devote herself to helping others, now she is looking for missing or stolen pets.

The fact is that valuable breeds of animals are often stolen in England. Lisa believes that until the authorities accept a law punishing abductors with the same severity as kidnappers, criminals will continue to separate owners and purebred pets.

For 5 years, a 52-year-old Englishwoman with the charity organization finding pets Beauty’s Legacy and other volunteers has been returning stolen pets to families. During this time, about 700 animals returned to their owners with their help.

Lisa, as a detective, was looking for cats, dogs, ponies, parrots, and a turtle. Owners of stolen pets usually do not contact the police.

Therefore, responsible volunteers take over all the work on the search.They put up leaflets, call people to find out if they have seen similar animals, interview neighbors, and check versions.

Lisa often changes her appearance to get to the truth. She uses wigs, drones, and volunteers to get on the trail of the kidnappers. The work is more exciting than checking the homework of schoolchildren.

Unfortunately, only 50% of the missing animals can be found. Criminals often ask for impressive amounts of money, as in the ransom for people. We hope that the activities of Lisa and other volunteers will help to find more pets.

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