The unfortunate donkey yearned for the owner for 2 months of quarantine. Their meeting was touching for both…

That’s the meeting! This spectacle will not leave anyone indifferent!

At the end of March and early April, Spain was the leader in the number of people infected with the coronavirus. Of course, the governement urged people to spend such a dangerous time at home. People were in self-isolation for almost two months.

Fortunately, the restrictions have now been lifted. It is already possible to leave the house for sports activities on the street and for walks in the neighborhood. Of course, all this is authorized to do only subject to security measures.

Of course, the overjoyed Spaniards hurried to use this wonderful opportunity to meet their loved ones, whom they missed a lot.

A man named Ismael Fernandez from the town of El Borje went to his sister. But he hurried not only to a relative, but also to his favorite animal, a tame donkey named Baldomer. These two months he was in the care of the man’s sister.

As soon as the pet noticed the owner coming towards him, he got excited and ran towards him. Ismael was very touched, unable to contain his emotions. How these two missed each other!

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