The woman was told about the puppies that were abandoned behind the garages..

Natalya belongs to the category of people who could never leave an animal in trouble unattended and would definitely help the unfortunate tails.

Throughout the area they knew about her love for animals and, quite naturally, she quite often found how different animals were thrown at her entrance or garage knowing that she would definitely attach them.

And then, once in the yard, the neighbors said that they had thrown three very tiny dogs behind the garages.
People saw them, regretted them in words, but they were in no hurry to help in deeds, despite the fact that the crumbs were freezing, moreover, they were right next to the road.

The woman immediately went behind the garages, where she was met by three cutest puppies, who immediately began to climb into her arms, as if realizing that this was it, their salvation.

Natasha took the kids to her. It turned out that they were all girls. The dogs ate, warmed up and lay down to rest in specially equipped beds, which the woman placed in the kitchen.

All cubs are incredibly pretty, sociable and good-natured.But, despite this, they have constant problems with finding their owners. They have been living with Natalia for several months and have become cute young, very active dogs.

They have a great appetite and they give the temporary hostess a lot of joy.But only now she can no longer afford to support them.

And we hope that kind people will find out about them and these dogs will finally find their permanent owners.

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