The young man rescued an unknown newborn creature: the kind guy gave him a forever loving home

This caring story is about a young man, who rescued a unique animal baby and made it a chance to survive.

One evening, when he was on his way home, the guy noticed a tiny creature.

At first, he didn’t realize what to do with it.

He even didn’t recognize what spice of animal it could be.

Anyway, he realized, that the tiny little newborn animal was so weak to survive on its own.

So, the kind young man took it home with him.

He loved his newly made small strange friend, and took care of him, fed him, as the baby was needed a motherly care.

So, day after day his unique pet started to grow and, soon he looked more confident.

After reaching up some age, the boy recognized his spice: he was a cute and tiny Marten Barguzinskaya.

The guy named him Lucky, as the pet indeed was fortunate to meet the exact person at the right time.

Now, the young man adores perishing and caring for his beloved pet.

Though Lucky is a wild creature, he feels very comfy, and he is so easy to handle in an apartment.

Lucky also loves to spend his time with the guy, as he has already accustomed to his new life.

Wherever Lucky goes for a walk, he always returns to his human, because he believes this is his forever home.

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