They brought the cat into the house, despite the prohibitions of the father … And he suddenly turned out to be happy!

Cat Mishka was 11 years old when a blood clot broke off … and the owners had to euthanize him.

The whole family adored the purr, he was such a smart and good pet! But when he died, the father of the family was so worried and suffered because of the loss of his pet that he categorically decided not to have more cats.

And then an amazing thing happened!

Mom and son found a red-haired kitty on the street. They could not indifferently pass by, and, despite all the prohibitions of their father, they carried her home with caution…
While they were carrying the foundling, the woman texted her husband several times: “You love us, isn’t it?” Without defining the nature of this question.

Mom and son were very worried that the man would not allow to leave this attractive face at home. What to do then?

But in the end, everything turned out in the most unexpected way!


Seeing the girl, the man simply melted …

And after an hour of heated debate about who the baby would sleep with, it was the father of the family who took her to his side and fell asleep with her! And the woman and the child only had to come to these two peacefully snoring residents of the house and carefully stroke the happy cat …

And then the little girl was introduced to a rabbit and a dog, who also live under this roof!

Here is such a funny story happened to this wonderful family!

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