“They survived together” I couldn’t separate them

Two kittens were brought to us at once, so that we ourselves could choose a pet. We were told in advance that the babies were twins and asked if we would like to take two at once.

Later it turned out that everyone except me knew that in the end I would agree to both, but I was convinced that I could choose one. The thought of taking responsibility for two little ones scared me, because they are still just children and require a lot of attention and care. All my plans were ruined after the first look at the kittens.

Animals rarely immediately accept a new person and a new place, they need time to adapt. In our case, the situation was completely different — the little ones immediately went into their arms and started kissing me, and then together they went to the bowls of food. Having carefully examined the little ones, we began to doubt that they were from the same litter, because the little gray girl was much smaller than her sister.

With the little ones, it turned out to be a lot of fuss. If Belyanochka, after eating, lay down at the side of my husband and fell asleep, that the baby demanded to be lulled and fell asleep only in my arms, pressing her nose to her palm.

Both babies are still looking for their mother, you can tell by the way they bite my finger.

The gray baby acts as if she has been starving for a long time.She eats quickly and greedily, as if afraid that she will never be able to eat her fill again. We had to hide the dog food away, because the little one even encroached on him.

Having eaten, the girl immediately runs to her sister and goes to bed only next to him. It was simply impossible to separate this beautiful couple, so we kept both kittens.

The kittens always looked at us very carefully, each time they opened their eyes, they seemed to be trying to make sure that we were all there.

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