This cat is a third grader and refuses to eat when he is not allowed to go to class.

A very interesting student has appeared in one of the schools in the Turkish city of Izmir. A year ago, a stray red cat wandered there and the children took great pleasure in taking care of him, feeding him and playing. Over time, the cat became more courageous and already entered the school .

Purr’s favorite place was the third-class room. The cat’s teachers did not kick him out, but treated him with a special solution for fleas and other parasites, and the students gave him the nickname Tombo.

As soon as the animal appeared in the classroom, the children seemed to change — they became quiet and calm, doing everything not to scare him. Tombo was delighted with the learning process and listens carefully to teachers, turns pages and is an exemplary student in everything.

But some parents were far from enraptured by the cat and they approached the management with a complaint.They found a new home for him, but even caring and loving owners did not become happy, he aspired to school for children. Tombo sat without eating or drinking for three days.

The students also missed their pet. And the school administration made an interesting decision. Tombo was formalized as an official employee. He has a personal file, certificates from veterinarians, necessary vaccinations and a list of duties.

The children simply rejoiced when the cat returned to the classroom, and the parent who wrote the complaint apologized and even gave him a new collar.

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