This cat is gaining millions of likes because of its unusual appearance and attractiveness

Cats are incredibly proud but at the same time very cute creatures. They are able to cheer us up with their playfulness and gentle purring. Agree, it is very pleasant to come home from work after a hard day and meet your fluffy pet on the threshold.

And if you have always dreamed that your kitten will always remain a kitten, then a new breed of Munchkin was bred especially for you. These cats practically do not grow.

We are pleased to introduce Albert to you. On Instagram, he is quite famous and in a few years managed to win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users.

Also, Albert is well acquainted with the fashion industry, but like an ordinary cat, he loves to play. Albert can’t imagine his life without the owners he lives with. They are kind and caring. When Albert is hungry, he is sure that his food is prepared for eating.

Albert is mostly a homebody and tries not to leave the house for no reason. Nobody likes to leave their comfort zone. Albert’s favorite thing is laying down on the ground like a carpet. He is a very calm kitten.

Did you like Albert?

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