This cat saved the whole brood with his crying. The babies were found and taken out of the bag

The loud and plaintive cry of one black-and-white baby could be heard by people, and so the whole brood was saved.

A man was walking along the streets of Toronto and it was then that he heard the cry of a kitten, to which he simply couldn’t be indifferent. He began to follow the sound and went to the trash can, where was found a suspicious-looking package.

The man opened it and couldn’t believe his eyes. In the package there was not even one, but a whole brood of newborn kittens, which huddled together in order to somehow keep warm.

The kind man quickly took the kittens and carried them to his daughter, who took care of her all night along with her friend. And the next morning they went to the local animal protection organization.

If not the crying of this black and white baby, then the kitten, in all likelihood, would never have been found. Veterinarians and many volunteers did their best to make the cats recover and get stronger. By the second week, their eyes opened and then they completely got stronger.

They were very friendly and sociable. The girls who took them for overexposure were sure that a lot of people would like to take them.

And this is exactly what happened, there is simply no end to those who want to take these charming babies.But for now they must be overexposure until they are castrated and receive all the necessary vaccinations.

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