This cat wears a tie and has a job

Buster, the cat, was one of those cats with a job. He used to work at his dad’s junkyard. But unfortunately, he had no idea what kind of work his dad did at the yard.

However, that never stopped Buster from helping his father with odd jobs in the yard. He would look at old cars, try to fix the printer, and answer phone calls. Every now and then, Buster would try and take his favorite nap.

Although Buster had no idea about his father’s work at the dump, he was indeed the most handsome worker. Sometimes, Buster would tend to customers and help other workers with odd chores.

Before getting adopted by his dad, Buster led a normal cat life. He would look for warm places to sleep like any other cat. One day he discovered a dump full of garbage and saw many places to sleep.

One day the truck stopped in the yard while Buster was still around. Although he was thinking about running away, somehow, he got drawn to the person climbing out of the truck. He was the owner of the junkyard and Buster’s present dad.

Soon, Buster was adopted by the owner of the dump, who gave the cat food and a bed. His dad was so good to Buster that the cat thought of doing something special for him. But unfortunately, he couldn’t think of any way to help his dad.

This was when he decided to help his dad in the yard. First, he would ensure that all the cars were where they should be. Then, he would inspect the cars from the top and work his way to the inside. Buster loved being in the yard.

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