This horse works as a police officer and refuses to go to work without a cup of tea

Meet Jake. He serves in the British police and he has one habit: Jake refuses to go to work without a cup of aromatic tea — a truly aristocratic habit.

Jake is 20 years old and has been in the police force since he was 5 years old. And during this time he developed typical English habits, among them a love of tea.

Jake even refuses to move until he is served a drink, and in the same, favorite mug. Only after he has completely drunk the contents of the cup, the horse gets up and goes to perform official duties.

Other police officers are already used to the eccentricity of the horse and they all drink tea together every morning before work.

The city’s police department assistant, a woman named Lindsey Graven, told that Jake is one of 12 other horses who have been working with them for years. He has character and everyone knows about his incredible stubbornness, which has to be indulged.

If the horse suddenly notices that someone is drinking tea nearby, then he will definitely come and want to take a sip.

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