This is Chata, an Instagram star.Why he became so popular

A kitten from Japan has won the love of users thanks to its unusual sleeping positions.

The little toy sleeps so sweetly that you will never dare to disturb its peace. Even if the fate of humanity depends on it.

Chata is a cute little munchkin who was born quite recently. But that didn’t stop him from mastering the art of charm, which works perfectly.

Like its relatives,the cat likes to sleep on a soft sofa. But he does it so beautifully that hardly anyone would dare to wake him up.

Judging by the smile that spreads across a little cat’s face, you can tell that it’s living the best cat dreams.And in them it probably runs after an endless ball of yarn.

By the way, Chata is an active Instagram user. He has his own account, in which the pet owner often posts pictures of his pets.

The real Instagram star will always be able to choose a pose that will get the most likes possible. And Chata knows everything about it.

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