This is friendship! Completely different animals that get along well with each other

In nature, it is so arranged that the strong often offend the weak, and predators eat herbivores.

Larger animals survive due to the fact that they destroy small ones, but calm and quiet creatures often get from more aggressive ones.

And yet, even in such harsh rules there are exceptions!

Bubbles and Bella

The touching acquaintance of an elephant named Bubbles and Bella’s black labrador took place in the Myrtle Beach Safari reserve. Both «girls» turned out to be orphans, and each has its own sad story.

Bubbles had parents, but the elephant tusk hunters killed her entire family, and only this poor fellow miraculously managed to escape death. As for Bella, her owners abandoned her as a puppy and the orphan was left alone in the world.

But since the dog has a girlfriend Bubbles, she doesn’t know what sadness is. They are united by a love of water, and they frolic with pleasure there.

Usually the game takes place in a funny way.A Labrador climbs on the head of his friend, and she holds a ball in her trunk. Then the elephant throws the toy, and Bella joyfully rushes to catch it!

Milo and Bondigger

Even more surprising seems the friendship of a dachshund named Milo and a huge lion Bondigger. It would seem that these two have nothing in common, but they have become real friends!

The lion was born with a bone metabolism disorder and his motor abilities are limited. As if sensing that his friend is ill, Milo has taken on the «duties» of brushing the lion’s teeth and generally supports his friend in his «doggy» manner.

In turn, the predator shares food with him and doesn’t even mind when other dogs join the dinner. You can watch such a unique friendship in one of the zoos in Oklahoma.

Sherkhan, Baloo and Leo

If you have gone through a lot of life’s trials with someone, then you understand that people who have experienced the same thing as you become incredibly close. This is exactly what happened to three students at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in the United States.

It would seem that the bear Baloo has in common with the lion Leo and the tiger Sherkhan? It is that they knew the pain and suffering that fell to their lot. Fate decreed that all three ended up in the greedy hands of a drug dealer who used them for his own purposes.

The health of the pets was of little concern to the owner, therefore, when the animals were taken away, it turned out that the bear needed an operation. Fortunately, today they are all healthy and happy, and no one can separate them!

Manny and Candy

The friendship of a wild boar and a dog was born when little Manny got into a German family. The baby was abandoned, but people took pity on him and brought him home.

When he was introduced to a dog named Candy who lived there, no one expected that they would be so friendly.

Unbelievable, but true.The dog and the boar began to play together, run and have fun. The owner said that little Manny even began to imitate his friend.At times he tried to bark like a real dog!

Just look at this cute couple of pranksters — aren’t they cuties?

Tork and Shrek

When baby Shrek was born, her owl mom was in a stressful situation. The result was the aggressive behavior of the bird, so the owlet had to be urgently taken away from the raging «parent» until she ate the baby!

Shrek got into the house of a hunter named John Picton. The man was very afraid of the reaction of his pet — a dog named Tork, but his fears were in vain!

The dog, who was still a puppy, gladly accepted a little owl as a friend, and since then they have become close friends.

Even when Tork grew up, he remained the same kind friend who always protects his winged girlfriend!

Tinny and Sniffer

About the friendship of a fox and a dog, the Disney cartoon filmed «The Fox and the Hound» . But it turns out that communication between these two animals is quite possible in real life!

At least, this is proved by the photographs of Thorgeir Berg, who managed to film his dog Tinni along with a wild fox named Sniffer.

The couple walked peacefully, played and felt quite comfortable. The friends met in one of the Norwegian forests and instantly hit it off.

Orgeir says that after this incident he began to relate to foxes in a completely different way and even wrote the book “The Fox and the Dog”, where he told about the adventures of two wonderful friends.

Bea and Wilma

When a 10-year-old female ostrich named Wilma befriended Bea, a 3-year-old giraffe, no one could figure out what the two had in common other than their long necks.

Different weight categories, different lifestyles… But nevertheless, this couple is simply inseparable. They live in Busch Gardens in Florida and are always there for each other!

They say that friends are very peaceful, but only until one of them is offended. Wilma is especially trying in this regard — let someone just try to touch her friend, and the bird will show what ostriches are worth.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the unusual stories about the friendship of such different animals!

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