This puppy was left in a bag. The kid was in parasites, he was hurt and scared, and tears froze in his eyes

There are no creatures sweeter and more affectionate than dogs, and it is not for nothing that they are called angels on earth. They deserve endless love, care and tenderness, since their life and happiness are in the hands of people, but not everyone is aware of the degree of responsibility to all animals, and sometimes they deliberately show cruelty towards them.

So, one day, the workers of the American rescue service heard someone whining nearby. They followed the sound and found a dog in the bushes, that they left in a cloth bag. People were horrified by the cruelty of this act.

The situation was exacerbated by the state of the foundling: hungry, frightened, full of parasites, the baby brought tears to his eyes. But he was lucky and caring people found him.

The dog was very weak, as he was separated from his mother too early.Such a state of the animal, led to an upset state to the administrator of the clinic and he personally undertook to nurse the baby and assured that he would do everything in his power for saving the poor baby.

By the first week, baby Bobby felt a little better. He ate with appetite and gradually gained weight. After he was finally cured, a whole line of people who wanted to adopt a cute, charming puppy lined up.

However, the administrator of the veterinary clinic has already managed to become attached to him, and it was she who became his permanent mistress.

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