This wolf loves to play with people and loves hugs

An amazing wolf named Kikoa lives in a wildlife center in Colorado. The Colorado Preserve is distinguished by its original beauty,the most unusual animals live in its snowy landscape, including them our hero. His name in the Hawaiian dialect translates as «Brave».

The wolf is no different from his other fellow tribesmen, if not for one feature — he simply loves the company of people and his habits are more like a very kind dog.

Gray wolves are distinguished by a very high degree of socialization. They usually roam in packs of six to ten individuals.Kikoa was moved from another reserve located in Florida, as the cold climate of Colorado is more favourable for him.

On the site of the reserve there is a description of the wolf, which notes that this young male has an extremely sweet character. One of his favorite activities is to greet visitors to the reserve with kisses. If he puts his front paws on the shoulders of people, his height exceeds two meters.

The social networks also published pictures where Kikoa hugs the girl Gabrielle, and she is surprisingly calm and not at all afraid of a large predator.

They hug and then she sits next to him. But that is not all. After that, Kikao’s sister Sakara approaches Gabrielle and kisses her on the face, then the three of them hug. After that, Sekara approaches the photographer and starts licking his hand.

An employee of the Colorado reserve Daniel Dodo recognized that she has always loved nature and wild animals. She assures that these wolves have a huge, kind heart and it is a great honor for her to be friends with them.

Kikoa was raised by people who fed him milk from a bottle from childhood. It is for this reason that the wolf has a high degree of socialization and loves the company of people whom he considers members of his family.

Daniel says that the wolf’s behavior raised by people is radically different from the same animals that grew up in the wild, the latter are almost impossible to tame and force to cohabit with people, although there are still exceptions.

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