“Three days without food, sleep and water”. The cat saved her offspring from hunger and dogs

I returned home after dark. I had almost reached the house when a squeak sounded very close by. At first, I thought that I only heard the sound, but looking around I saw a tiny kitten that was stuck on a tree branch.

A moment later, another baby appeared from behind the bushes, his mother walked beside him. The cat was very thin and scared, she barely had the strength to just rearrange her paws. Mom was crying, trying to call her baby stuck in a tree. Then the cat herself climbed onto a branch to help the baby, but she did not succeed.

After that, mom decided to show the baby what to do by her own example. The cat climbed onto a branch and slowly descended. Having repeated her route several times, the cat hoped that the baby would follow her example, but he did not have the determination to do so. I watched this picture through tears.

The baby was never able to get off the branch on his own.A man came to his aid, who took off the kitten, and also told me that this cat had already been seen in the area.She had been collecting her kittens for several days, protecting them from dog attacks and running to the garbage heap, to get food for the little ones.

The cat I named Toma.She was starving for several days, giving all her modest booty to the kids. When both the cat and her children were assembled, I took them and carried them home. I settled the mother with her kids in an aviary in the bathroom.

Tom was exhausted, she literally attacked the food and could not stop, as if not believing that she would ever be fed again. Satisfying her hunger, Tom immediately fell asleep.

For several days she didn’t eat or sleep, watching her babies, protecting and feeding them. Now she felt that her children were safe and allowed herself the rest she desperately needed.

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