Three puppies were distributed to kind owners but their mother collected them again

Mara was a fairly large dog with a low growl. She was an excellent guard for a large private house, walking around the site during the day and at night she was kept on a chain.

And in the evenings, Mara together with her mistress, walked around the village and she was known and loved there for her affectionate and obedient disposition.So the owners for the first cubs of Mary were found quite quickly.

When the cubs were one and a half months old and they could already feed themselves, they were transferred to new homes. All three were transferred on the same day, while Mara and her mistress traditionally walked in the evening.

And upon her return Mara saw an empty kennel and began to rush around the yard and look for her cubs.And then growled angrily at the owner, who was at home while she was walking with the owner.

All the neighbors gathered to calm Mara, but to no avail. At night, Mara on the chain whined plaintively and cried, and in the morning when she calmed down, she was released from the chain so that she could walk.

And in the afternoon, the owner saw how Mara lay calmly at her kennel and feeds the cubs. The man’s surprise knew no bounds and he called the neighbors to whom he handed over the puppies.And they said that the cubs had really disappeared and they were just looking for them.

So a loving mother took her cubs back, so carefully that no one noticed anything.

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