Tiny puppies were laying in the drainpipe

A dog roamed the small town. She ended up on the street in the midst of the coronavirus, but brave volunteers went to save the poor girl, who was looking for food .

Kind-hearted people told the shelter staff about the dog. They said that the poor fellow was wandering right by the road. In addition, the pet isn’t alone there.The dog has puppies, who were born not so long ago.

The volunteers were greeted by a small white dog that looked at the strangers with excitement. The four-legged mother was scared for her puppies, so she hid them securely before going out to people. The poor thing was very hungry, but the safety of the kids was most important to her.So she was in no hurry to trust the guests.

“Communication” with the pet began with the simplest thing.A nice dog was treated to food. Of course, the baby couldn’t refuse the food offered, and therefore began to absorb the treat.

Soon the dog allowed himself to be stroked, but was in no hurry to show the puppies. Volunteers began to think about where the kids could be hidden?

After a little hesitation, the snow-white dog ran somewhere. It was then that the shelter staff realized that it should not have been missed the important moment ..

At the large pipe, the four-legged mother stopped, as if inviting volunteers to come with her. After a moment, she went inside, and the volunteer crawled after her. He wasn’t mistaken: in the darkness of the pipe there were tiny balls of wool that a loving mother hid. By the way, she didn’t allow to take puppies, so people had to go to the trick.

Soon all the «kids» managed to be pulled out of the pipe. And so that the four-legged mother wouldn’t be nervous, the kids were put in her carrier. Shouldn’t have stressed her, right?

So, five glorious puppies and their parent were saved! All of them were brought to the shelter, washed and fed. And then they lay down and, clinging to each other, peacefully fell asleep. They felt safe, which is the most important thing!

Well, I would like to hope that all the animals will find owners, and they will be happy. May every puppy and their mother be lucky!

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